Triopoly: Rules and Strategies

Become a national, commercial real estate tycoon as you buy, sell and trade properties from 15 American cities as you negotiate your way to a three-tiered victory!Add exciting new dimensions, discover innovative game-playing strategies and build a financial empire as you move across three different levels.

Or, if time is short, play a two-level game. Travel from New York to Los Angeles, from Chicago's Lake Shore Drive to Newbury Street in Boston in a race to acquire and construct metropolitan dynasties.

If time is critically short, play a single-level game and begin building gas stations, shopping malls and skyscrapers immediately.

Innovative design and strategie creates new business and playing opportunities, as well as more game-to-game possibilities. Designed for ages 12 to adult, Triopoly adds all of this without becoming too complex.

Object of the game:
To become the game's top commercial real estate developer.
Depending on the number of levels being played, players begin with a set amount of money and manuever their way from level to level as they acquire some of the premiere streets, avenues and boulevards in the United States.

Two ways to jet-set
1. When players land on a Travel space they pick up an airline ticket which could send them to a property in one of the game's 15 cites on any of the game's three levels.
2. When players land in the elevator they are
required to change levels.

Money Management
Once players purchase a property they can begin developing their property by building a gas station
immediately. When one person owns all the properties in a city (called getting a triopoly), he or she may also begin building shopping malls and skyscrapers. This allows players the opportunity to spend finances in two ways: buying additional properties, or, improving those already own.

Las Vegas & Atlantic City
When landing in either of these locations players may roll the dice and wager 10 or 100 times the number to be thrown. Odd numbers lose, even numbers win. Players can roll up to a maximum of three times and can change the wager amount on each roll.

Stock Market
Bull or bear markets await players when they draw Stock Market cards. Several cards also allow unique trade advantages or penalties.

Triopoly includes customized game-playing pieces -- from Easy to play with state-of-the-art metal tokens to three-dimensional skyscrapers. Triopoly delivers three times the strategy... three ways to play... and three times the fun!


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